What are your gifts?

On Sunday, Oct. 5, we will be celebrating World Wide Communion at Neepawa United Church. As we celebrate the gifts of the nourishment of our bodies and spirits and God’s presence with us, we will also be thinking about what our own gifts are, that perhaps we are called by God to share.

In preparation for this, there is a Spirit Given Gifts quiz I would like people to do. It looks long, but it only takes about 10 min. You can find the quiz at:

There will be hardcopies available in church this Sunday, Sept. 28, and again on Oct. 5, but it would be much easier to do it online, where it will get your score for you. A score above 50 is an area of interest, but you may just want to remember the areas with the highest scores, and bring those results to church Oct. 5.

The quiz can help you realize gifts you didn’t know you had, but if you can’t do the quiz, you are still very welcome to come to the service! Our community of faith is one gift we all have been given, and gathering for communion reminds us even more that when we gather, God is there.

Blessings, Kristin

What in Creation delights you?

Yesterday, I asked people to think about what in Creation- this wonderful gift we have bee given- delights us? We know a lot about the world around us these days, but knowledge is not everything and it doesn’t necessarily mean we take the joy and sense of wonder in the created world that we are meant to take.

The ancient Greeks saw truth and understanding as having two forms: Logos (the logical) and Mythos (the mythical), both being important in their own ways. In today’s world, we have lifted up the Logos: science, reason, logic, and consider the Mythos to be untrue and unimportant, when it’s a different type of truth.

I gave the example of the butterfly- we can know it’s life cycle from egg to larva to pupa to adult butterfly, but the knowledge doesn’t give us the rush of wonder if you’ve ever seen a butterfly emerge from a cocoon that looks more like death than life, unfurling it’s beautiful new wings and taking off to new heights. Butterflies are a great metaphor for people who have undergone their own metamorphosis, and it’s also a great metaphor for our faith- which also experienced something that looked like death- like the end and instead was changed and transformed into something totally new and amazing.

I asked people to think of what delighted them, what stirred their souls. Here are a few responses: the miracle of perennials that survive the winter and emerge in the spring, the sounds of birds singing, fresh clean smell after a rain, warm summer air, watching a hawk soar over the combine.

As the fall progresses, and as the year goes on, there will be more things that we will see and feel that we can be thankful for. Keep aware, keep delighting in God’s creation.

Blessings, Kristin

Creation Time 1!

This week we’ll be starting a new church time. Creation Time, within the Season of Pentecost is meant to make us more aware of the world around us, and our place within creation. I think of it as a good month of preparation for Thanksgiving- really, we can use much more than one day to think about the blessings of our world, including this beautiful Creation!

This Sunday’s scripture readings will be: Psalm 148, Isaiah 55:12–56:2, and Revelation 22:1–5. And the theme for Creation Time 1 is “Delight in me!”

What parts of creation do you take delight in? The season of fall brings many delights like the geese flying south, the leaves turning, squashes and other fall vegetables! But there are delightful things that happen in other parts of the year, too: the beauty of a fresh snowfall, the first birds of spring, the fullness of the sun in the heat of summer! Feel free to share other things that you take delight in!

And if you have any comments on the scripture readings for this, Sunday, feel free to share them, too!

Blessings, Kristin

How will we be Community? Sept. 7, 2014

My first post here is pretty exciting! And what a great time to post, the day after our first service in September! It’s a time of new beginnings, students young and old are going back to school, people are returning from vacations, church activities such as the choir, UCW, Men’s Breakfast to name only a few, are starting back up! And we have this blog which is brand new, and which we hope will help connect folks even more!

Yesterday the service was about community, and how we be together. I mentioned that in our world today, there is more emphasis on individuals than community, on working to get myself ahead instead of helping others and working together. That is one of the great things about the church- it brings people together and gets us thinking outside our own selves.

But- community can only be good when we treat each other well. We are all imperfect people, so we make mistakes. It’s not easy to try and reconcile with people who have hurt us, it’s much easier to just walk away from relationship than to speak up and try to fix what is broken. We need to be prepared at times to do the hard and uncomfortable work of reconciliation, in order that we can be a place where everyone feels heard and valued and safe. Where two or three are gathered together in Jesus’ name, he promised to be there. That is both a comfort to us and a challenge, to ensure that in our community we love each other as Jesus loved.

I’m attaching a file here: A Whole People’s Covenant which we had in the bulletin and which we read part of in the service. It is meant to be a starting place to get us thinking about the standards we want in how we live together, so if you have comments about it, please feel free to share them!

Blessings, Kristin


Welcome to the Neepawa United Church Blog!

We hope this blog will serve as a useful avenue to stimulate involvement and thought among our congregation members as well as interested individuals in the larger community.

We see our blog working in the following ways ….. our minister could post information about bible study, scriptures to be used in upcoming sermons, or some church event.  Or the Board Chairman could put up information about some church issue or initiative.  Then interested people can become involved in a dialogue by posting  their own comments and reading comments that others have made. In this way we hope to stimulate interest and involvement in the life and work of our church.

So here is your first chance to become involved … leave a comment and tell us what you think about this new blog initiative.