Comprehensive Review

This August the 42nd General Council is meeting in Corner Brook, NL. One of the big things they will be discussing is the report of the Comprehensive Review Task Group, a group struck at the last General Council meeting to look at everything in our denomination, in response to the new reality of tighter finances, declining membership, etc. The Task Group has received feedback from various courts of the church over the last couple years, and now have issued a report full of suggestions. You can find the report here: www.

The next few weeks in church, we will be showing some videos which demonstrate simply some of the main concepts of the report. But you can also check out the full report yourself. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Our Presbytery has official 2 representatives to General Council (along with a bigger group of people coming from our Conference, some our whom may also be from our Presbytery) . They will have a chance to discuss, debate and finally vote on the proposed changes there. If there is any feedback you would like to give them to help them with their task, you can send it to me, and I will pass it along to them!

Blessings, Kristin

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! This is a time to celebrate because nothing- even death- can separate us from God’s presence! A time to recognize the places that God is making things new in our lives, and to celebrate the promises that spring brings us!

On Sunday, our Gospel reading was Mark 16:1-8. A strange resurrection story- the women never see Jesus risen, only a stranger (angel) who tells them he is risen and to go tell the disciples. Instead, they flee, both amazed and terrified, and say nothing to anyone.

I like this reading because the women’s experience is much like our own- they don’t see the risen Christ with their eyes- and neither have we. But they experienced something that told them he was alive- something that drew them so close to the divine presence that they were amazed, terrified and struck silent. I hope we have all had moments like this- moments were we felt so close to God, to the divine, to that something bigger than us, that it frightened us a little, even as it filled us with wonder- a sacred, holy moment. Maybe your moment was in the birth of a child, or in a moment of loss, or in a fresh start in life, or in a relationship, or a moment in nature.

The women didn’t tell anyone their Good News. And I think these sacred moments are ones that we hold close to us for a bit, treasure in our hearts. But, we know the women did talk to someone eventually, or we wouldn’t be velebrating Easter 2000 years later! And likewise, our moments of the sacred call us to respond in some way. The Moderator’s Easter Message suggests the response to Easter is to “be a verb”- be active in some way- loving and living and caring.

Jesus’ passion was for the kingdom of God, for compassion and love and justice to be shared. And our call to respond to the gifts God has given us- including our sacred moments, is to share and live God’s kingdom in the way Jesus did. In this way, we are the hands and feet of Christ in the world.