Generosity kits

A few years ago I heard about generosity kits, and made one up for my purse. I lived in Winnipeg at the time, so my kit included some toonies and a few Tims cards with $5 on them, so that if someone on the street asked me for money, I had something handy to give them. But a generosity kit isn’t just to help people who have serious needs. It’s about having things on hand to respond to all kinds of needs you might encounter.

If you want to make a generosity kit up for the week- think about where you’ll be, the peopleĀ  you’ll meet, the weather, etc. And pack with you things that might come in handy for someone else- maybe a quarter for the shopping cart at Safeway, or some bandaids, or a spare umbrella. If I recall, on top of the money and Tims cards, I also had cough candies and tissues (it is cold season after all!), a bag of chocolate Easter eggs, which I gave out one at a time to folks who could use a treat, and pens to give out and not expect back!

Another type of generosity kit is a care package! Think if there is someone you know who could use a pick me up- maybe someone new, maybe someone going through a tough time, maybe someone that you just know is busy and doesn’t get enough time to treat themselves! Receiving a thoughtful care package could be just the thing a person needs at that moment!


Not Alone- Prayers

Kelly Bolt 1

Kelly Bolt 2

The first of these videos is the one that was shown in church on Sunday, and this woman also submitted a second video, which you can see by clicking the link.

I wonder if either of them are similar to your experiences of feeling “not alone”? We’ve see a few videos where nature and the created world have elicited feelings of God’s presence. Have you ever felt a moment where you realized how interconnected the world is? The second video is about a prayer and it’s answer. Have you ever had a moment like that, where a prayer was answered almost exactly as you wished it would be? And yet, we know that doesn’t always happen- do we feel God’s presence with us less when our prayers aren’t answered the way we expected?

Sometimes, we find out later that we are glad we didn’t get what we asked for after all- we realized that what happened instead was better. Kind of like in the song Unanswered Prayers- Garth Brooks.

I happen to believe there are no unanswered prayers- God is with us regardless of what the outcome is, and sometimes the answer is more like “I’m sorry”. Sometimes we pray for things that we don’t get and they really are things we wanted to happen. Like when we pray for healing for a loved one who is dying. I don’t believe God ever wants that person to die, that somehow our loved one dying is better than them being healed. I don’t know why things like that happen, we live in a world where there are a lot of painful things that don’t make a lot of sense. However, I know God is the Source of Life and Love and would not send death or loss willingly. I do believe God is with us even in those times we feel our prayers aren’t answered- that if we are open to it, God will mourn with us, God will comfort us, and that God will help us to move forward even in the midst of pain.